Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheat sheet for Linux commands

This is a bookmark a cheat sheet on Linux commands.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creating Query as a service using BOBJ

Found this article and bookmarking here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gmail advanced search options

This is a bookmark to Gmail advanced search option.  The original article is found here.

from:Used to specify the senderExample: from:amy

Meaning: Messages from Amy
to:Used to specify a recipientExample:to:david
Meaning: All messages that were sent to David (by you or someone else)
subject:Search for words in the subject lineExample:subject:dinner
Meaning: Messages that have the word "dinner" in the subject
ORSearch for messages matching term A or term B*

*OR must be in all caps
Example: from:amy OR from:david
Meaning: Messages from Amy or from David

Used to exclude messages from your searchExample: dinner -movie
Meaning: Messages that contain the word "dinner" but do not contain the word "movie"
label:Search for messages by label*

*There isn't a search operator for unlabeled messages
Example: from:amy label:friends
has:attachmentSearch for messages with an attachmentExample: from:david has:attachment
Meaning: Messages from David that have an attachment
list:Search for messages on mailing listsExample:
Meaning: Messages with the words in the headers, sent to or from this list
filename:Search for an attachment by name or typeExample: filename:physicshomework.txt
Meaning: Messages with an attachment name "physicshomework.txt"

Example: label:work filename:pdf
Meaning: Messages labeled "work" that also have a PDF file as an attachment
" "

Used to search for an exact phrase*

*Capitalization isn't taken into consideration
Example: "i'm feeling lucky"  Meaning: Messages containing the phrase "i'm feeling lucky" or "I'm feeling lucky"

subject:"dinner and a movie"

Meaning: Messages containing the phrase "dinner and a movie" in the subject
( )Used to group words

Used to specify terms that shouldn't be excluded
Example: from:amy (dinner OR movie) Meaning: Messages from Amy that contain
either the word "dinner" or the word "movie"

subject:(dinner movie)

Meaning: Messages in which the subject contains both the word "dinner" and the word "movie"
in:anywhereSearch for messages anywhere in Gmail*

*Messages in Spam
Trash are
excluded from searches by default
Example: in:anywhere movie

Meaning: Messages in All Mail, Spam, and Trash that contain the word "movie"


Search for messages in Inbox, Trash, or SpamExample: in:trash from:amyMeaning: Messages from Amy that are in Trash

within messages that Priority Inbox considers important.
Example: is:important from:janet
Meaning: Messages from Janet that were marked as important by Priority Inbox


Search for messages that are starred, unread or readExample: is:read is:starred from:David  Meaning: Messages from David that have been read and are marked with a star
cc:Used to specify recipients in the cc: or bcc: fields*Example: cc:david
bcc:*Search on bcc: cannot retrieve messages on which you were blind
carbon copied
Meaning: Messages that were cc-ed to David
after:Search for messages sent during a certain period of time*Example: after:2004/04/16
before:*Dates must be in yyyy/mm/dd format.Meaning: Messages sent between April 16, 2004 and April 18, 2004.*

*More precisely: Messages sent after 12:00 AM (or 00:00) April 16, 2004 and before April 18, 2004.
is:chatSearch for chat messagesExample: is:chat monkey  Meaning: Any chat message including the word "monkey".

Addendum (Nov 2012)

size:Search for messages which is equal or greater than the size entered. Example: size:10M 
Meaning all messages that are 10 MB and above

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Compiling Samba on Sun Solaris

This is a bookmark for my personal reference to this site.   I searched other sites and this is the one that works.

Main content that is important is as follow:

  1. Download and compile Samba from
    Here KerberosOpenLDAP, and Samba will be downloaded and compiled.
    Samba will use the idmap_rid facility to map a single ADS domain SIDs to Solaris UIDs and GIDs. You should determine what idmap is suitable for your installation.
    Within this example the samba-highly-available-local-file-system is /local/samba, where the software is installed into /local/samba/software and compiled into /opt/samba.
    For more information using these filenames refer to the following deployment example in Deployment Example: Installing Samba from where these commands have been has been taken.
    1. Download, Extract and Install Kerberos.

      Vigor5# cd /local/samba/software
      Vigor5# wget
      Vigor5# tar -xfBp krb5*tar
      Vigor5# gunzip -c krb5*.tar.gz | tar -xfBp -
      Vigor5# rm krb5*tar*
      Vigor5# cd krb5*/src
      Vigor5# CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc ./configure --prefix=/opt/samba \
      > --enable-dns-for-realm
      Vigor5# make
      Vigor5# make install
    2. Download, Extract and Install OpenLDAP.

      Note –
      You must obtain a fix for Bug ID: 6419029 which describes a problem when compiling OpenLDAP before proceeding with this step.

      Vigor5# cd /local/samba/software
      Vigor5# wget \
      Vigor5# gunzip -c openldap-2.3.24.tgz | tar -xfBp -
      Vigor5# rm openldap-2.3.24.tgz
      Vigor5# cd openldap*
      Vigor5# CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc \
      > CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/samba/include" \
      > LDFLAGS="-L/opt/samba/lib -R/opt/samba/lib" ./configure --prefix=/opt/samba \
      > --disable-slapd --disable-slurpd
      Vigor5# make depend
      Vigor5# make
      Vigor5# make install
    3. Download, Extract and Install Samba.

      Vigor5# cd /local/samba/software
      Vigor5# wget
      Vigor5# gunzip -c samba-3.0.22.tar.gz | tar -xfBp -
      Vigor5# rm samba-3.0.22.tar.gz
      Vigor5# cd samba*/source
      Vigor5# CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc \
      > CFLAGS=-I/opt/samba/include \
      > LDFLAGS="-L/opt/samba/lib -R/opt/samba/lib" ./configure --prefix=/opt/samba \
      > --with-ads --with-krb5=/opt/samba --with-shared-modules=idmap_rid
      Vigor5# make
      Vigor5# make install
  2. Copy winbind to /usr/lib.

    # cd /local/samba/software/samba*/source
    # cp nsswitch/ /usr/lib
    # ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    # ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Windows 7 secrets

You can enable Windows 7 GodMode with the following steps:

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Rename the folder as follow - GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}  (Make sure to type exactly.
  3. The create folder contains a lot of administration short cuts that are useful.