Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confio Ignite

Most developers and DBAs are aware of Toad to help with performance tuning and database management.  However, very few are aware of Confio Ignite.  This is an excellent tool for identifying and fixing performance issue in your Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, and Sybase.

It help answer questions like

  1. Why is an application waiting on the database and what can be done?
  2. How did the code promotion affect response times in your database?
  3. Did the vendor patch really fix the problem?
  4. Which bottlenecks in your database directly impact end-user service?
To try out the tool, you can use the free version called IgniteFree.

The tutorial is available here.
In addition to that you can also see

There are also Webinars provided:

4 Oracle Performance Tips You Should Know presented 24 June 2010
Learn how to determine the best tuning approach for a SQL statement by utilizing response time analysis and visual SQL diagramming techniques. A "must see" for those who rely on OEM Performance Packs.

Learn a four-step process that will help you quickly find and correct the bad SQL code. Covering topics such as: SQL diagramming, wait type data, column selectivity, and more.