Saturday, August 30, 2008

Writing game in Java

I was curious about what it takes to write a game program. I came across the following website which provides me enough information to get started. The website contains a complete draft of Killer Game Programming in Java. It contains enough information to understand what it takes to write a game. A few key things it mentioned was:
  • Controlling the image refresh (that's why you need to write your own graphic refresh mechanism instead of using the built in mechanism) - this is also known as sprite.
  • Difference between writing in full screen mode vs windows mode.
  • Discussion on animation, 3D etc.

I found the draft enough to sooth my appetite but if you want a more updated info then you can get the book latest revision of the book. It has been revised several times since the draft. Here is the link to the book in Amazon:
Killer Game Programming in Java

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