Monday, October 20, 2008

Lotus NOTES programming

If you are curious about programming in Lotus NOTES, IBM provides an excellent resource here. The item I found most useful is the reference entitle Lotus Script Language Guide. Unfortunately, there is only one version of the reference book available (i.e. version 7.x).

When I first started on Lotus NOTES (4.x), they only provided formula for programming. Since version 5.x, the introduced JavaScript and LotusScript. If you are from MS environment, you will probably be more comfortable with LotusScript, since the syntax is identical to VBScript used for macros of all the MSOffice products.

If you prefer, you can either program in Java or JavaScript which is also available within Lotus NOTES. So just as you can program in Oracle using PL/SQL or using Java. The preference is yours.

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