Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Review Google Chrome Browser

I realize that there are many reviews of Chrome already but I am approaching this as a programmer blogger.

Things I like about Chrome:
  • It is fast.
  • In some cases where I get timeout with either IE or Firefox, the page still gets rendered in Chrome.
  • The incognito page is often handy when you want to do research and don't want to leave any trail on the PC of where you have been.
  • You can open a set of book marks in a new window (similar functionality available in firefox).
Things I don't like about Chrome:

  • When you perform compose in Blogger, it encloses the subsequent paragraph between <div> </div> tag. Both IE and Firefox does not add these extra tags.
  • It does not have an option to undo close tab which you may have accidentally closed (this is available in FireFox - haven't noticed it in IE7 - not sure if it is there or not).
  • If you want to have properly aligned table, you can enter your information into Excel and then paste in into the compose screen in Firefox and the data will align correctly. See examples below.
  • Assuming you have your photos in Flickr, you can switch to view source and search for <img src="http://farm When you do that in Firefox, it will highlight and select the text for you. In Chrome, the text is selected but not highlighted. (I do this because I upload my images to flickr and then display them in my blogs).
Pasting from Excel into Blogger compose screen:

This is how the excel looks like:

Using Firefox:

Date Mileage time
1-Jan-08 10 1 hr
2-Jan-08 5 0.5 hr

Using IE:

1 hr
0.5 hr

Using Chrome:

Date Mileage time 1-Jan-08 10 1 hr 2-Jan-08 5 0.5 hr

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