Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shell Scripting on Unix

Ideally to learn how to do scripting, we need to have a unix environment to try out the scripts and this can be easily done by setting up Linux or Open Solaris on your computer. However, what happens if you don't have a spare computer to do that?

You could use a live CD. Problem with that is you need to reconfigure it each time which is troublesome. Alternatively, you can setup Cygwin. There are two version - Cygwin which is purely command prompt and Cygwin/X which provides a X Windows environment.

Given that you can then use the various tutorials on Internet to learn scripts like bash:

Linux Config org
Bash Programming How To
Advanced Bash Tutorial

Alternatively, you can use perl, php or even java to automate your unix scripts.

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Strovek said...

I found Xming to be much easier to connect to remote XDMCP servers such as HP-UX and Linux.

It was much tougher to do that in Cygwin. However, in Cygwin, I had the shell script utility to play with.