Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving from Lotus NOTES to Gmail

Found a good article on the above subject here.

The main highlight is the following note:

Note that there are some quirks with this process:

  • In Notes, all messages now have a forwarded status icon, but unlike normal forwards in Notes, the header doesn’t say where it’s been forwarded to.
  • Most formatting (font colors, bullets, numbers, etc.) of Notes email is lost (they appear as plain text). This seems to be an artifact of the Notes IMAP implementation. Strangely, email that is sent from the Notes client to non-Notes users appear to preserve the formatting, but mail forwarded via a rule does not preserve formatting.
  • Message counts between Notes and Gmail probably won’t match exactly. I initially thought that something was breaking in the copy process, but when I had a closer look, I realized Gmail automatically collapses duplicate messages into a single message. (We’ve got a couple team mailing lists and when I send to one, I get a copy sent back to me, so I had quite a few duplicate messages.) Also, because Labels are applied to an entire conversation, not just individual messages, some of my messages would appear in Gmail folders other than the one I had copied the message to.

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Strovek said...

Found that the formatting is affected by the rules of the Lotus NOTES gateway.

By changing the gateway to encode all outbound mail to html, majority of the formatting of the mails forwarded by the rule mail is maintained.