Thursday, September 17, 2009

Installing WebLogic server on Sun Solaris x86

In order to install Weblogic server on Sun Solaris x86, you need to first upgrade the JDK to at least version 1.6. The instruction on how to do that is found here.

Sun Solaris u6 still has JDK version 1.5.

Next download the generic installer from the Oracle website.

To install go to the folder than contains the jar file downloaded (in this example server103_generic.jar and type:

java -jar server103_generic.jar

You can actually decide where you want to install it. By default, it will attempt to install it in /usr/local/bea folder.

In order to install the Workshop, you need to have Eclipse and WTP. I have not successfully done that so far. I tried to use the base Eclipse 3.5 but it still won't let me install. So I excluded that in my test installation.

After install, if you want access the console, you need to first start the server. This is found under:


Just type


add & if you don't want to lock up your terminal. You can then access the console using


You can then click on Start Administration Console to initiate and get into the Console.

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