Friday, October 23, 2009

Highlighting Incoming Mails in GMail

Many of us are using Gmail as our main email system whether it is for personal or because the company we work for has outsourced the email system to Google. Since more and more communication is done through email, very often we receive many emails each day. As a result, we sometimes miss urgent email such as emails from a key client or from our bosses.

There is an easy way to help us highlight mails from specific senders or for specific subject; it is through the use of labels.

  1. For this to be effective, you need to first go and enable a gmail lab feature called Custom Label Colors.
  2. Next create the required filters. You can create filter to look out for mails from a specific sender or subjects containing certain keywords. The filter should have an action to apply a specific label (For example, “Key Customer”, “Management”, “Bosses Mail”); you can apply an existing label and create the label when you create your filter.
  3. Next click on the white check box next the label you created and select the color you want.

In future when you receive email that match the criteria specified in step 2, you can easily see it in your inbox.

This is the same article I wrote in Triond.

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