Friday, December 3, 2010

How to set up automatic alert using Gmail and GCalendar

This is how you can set up an automatic alert that will send out email to a group on a fixed schedule. It is a two step process.

Step 1

Create a Calendar entry in your Google Calendar. Specify the time and also check the repeat, the specify the repeat frequency, daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Make sure to have add Email Reminder.

Step 2

From Step 1, you should receive an email from your calendar about 10 minutes (or what ever time you set before the actual time.

After receiving the first alert, create a filter from it.  The mail will be from

So create your filter, as follow:

In the Has the words field, key in the words that match your calendar title. Then click Next Step.

Select Forward it to: and then enter the email you want to forward the alert to.  If you are using a corporate gmail account, you can use groups created by your company admin.  If you are using the free public gmail account, each filter can only be forwarded to one email account and also the recipient need to agree by either clicking on a link or to send you back the authorization code.

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