Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Limiting GApp search to a folder

Found this trick in a discussion on the topic. This is a feature lacking in the new search operator.

  1. Click on folder so you are only viewing within the folder you want to search
  2. The URL in your browser location bar will change to something like:
  3. Copy the text from the URL which comes after "folders/"
  4. Insert that text instead of THELONGFOLDERID into the following URL string:
  5. When you go to the URL you have just constructed, you can then use the search box to search inside that folder --- for convenience, I suggest you bookmark the URL if you do such searches often

In the example above, the url will become:

I tested it using Chrome and it works and TheMathGuy used Firefox so it works for both browsers.

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Strovek said...

This does not work anymore.