Friday, June 20, 2008

Careful when installing Firefox 3.0

If you are already using Firefox, you should first make a backup of your bookmarks. I just upgraded to Firefox 3.0 yesterday and all the bookmarks were not carried over.

This is surprising, since it carried over everything else (cookies, stored password etc). The easiest way to backup the bookmarks, is to click on bookmarks, select organize and then export to html. You can then import the bookmarks from the html file after you perform your upgrade.

I know there are a lot of articles that talk about the features, so I am not going to do that here. Instead, I will talk about some of the things that affected me.
  1. Some addons that work are removed (even though they still work), such as torrent-search bar. You need to go to their web site to reinstall.
  2. You can now easily click on the star next to the current url to bookmark it, so the arrow in version 2 has been removed. The arrow was useful if you want to reload the page without submitting your form. Now, you have to hit enter.
Overall, I find some pages to be faster but others to be slower. I also found that some pages that used to be able to display no longer works especially if you are using ieTab.

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