Monday, April 21, 2008

Mind Mapping Tool

Recently more and more people are using mind mapping for brainstorming ideas. This can be an invaluable tool for starting up an application development.

For those not familiar with mind map, you can see the description here.

The following is a mind map for an annual dinner system which we recently worked on.

Annual Dinner System
Originally uploaded by strovek

There are a lot of tools available to perform mind mapping. One that is powerful (which is used by a member of my team) is Mind Manager. This application provides a very nice feature to export the mind map to MS PowerPoint, so is excellent for cases where you need to provide a presentation after performing the mind map session.

However, if you just need to perform mind mapping, you can go for freemind. Free mind is a java application, so you need java installed before you can use. It is able to export to html, jpeg etc. It is also able to open Mind Manager files directly. If you are using Mind Manager, you need to use a plug in to import free mind files.

For added bonus, you can use Pocket Freemind, to work on your freemind file straight from your Windows Mobile PDA. However, this requires Compact Framework 2.0 (already built into Windows Mobile 6, you need to install this if you are using earlier version of Windows Mobile).

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