Saturday, April 5, 2008

Notes appear over your words when you mouseover words on your document

One of my users is using Lotus Quickr to create documents asked me how do they create notes so that when other users move their mouse over the word, they will see notes about the word (i.e. a short note on the description of a training.

The first thing I thought of was to use CSS and there is actually a very nice tutorial available. However, it looks too complicated for a normal user (non programmer). Then I remember another trick I used in another project, basically just add the "Title" to a "a href" just like this (move your mouse over the word this")

The link looks like this


Problem with Quickr, is if you have to do this is "html source" mode. It is also important to put the title properties in front of the href. This is because when you switch back to compose mode, Quickr will add in the fully qualified address instead of the relative address. When this happens, the browser may not detect the title property and therefore will not show the note. Also, you need to commit your changes before switching back to compose mode otherwise you will lose your changes.

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