Sunday, April 27, 2008

Portable Workspace

I am used to certain type of tools for my programming such as Visual Studio, Netbeans, Context etc. However, it is sometimes quite cumbersome to carry the desktop, notebook every where. With the new breed of portable storage devices like thumb drive and Free Agent, it is possible to carry your programming environment with you.

Ceedo comes with Free Agent. However, the type of applications you can install on it is limited - for example, it is not possible to install Visual Studio on it. A much better option is to use MojoPac. Of course certain software like Antivirus, or softwares that tie directly to the hardware still cannot be installed but it is still a much better option than Ceedo (comes with FreeAgent) or U3 (comes with selected ThumbDrives). Problem with MojoPac, is that it only works with Windows XP. Now that Microsoft is going to stop selling XP, this may not be an option anymore.

Other options like VMWare is more troublesome, you are required to purchase additional Windows License to operate.

However, it raises a problem, what happens if you lose or somebody steals your portable hard disk? The solution is to encrypt the data. One is to use the encryption that comes with Free Agent but it is all or nothing. There are alternatives. Two such alternatives are
The benefit is using either one of the above, is you create a file that contains your virtual volume. That makes it easy for you to specify the size of the volume and to back it up - just copy the file. FreeOTFE also comes with a PDA version, so you can create a virtual secured volume on your PDA to store your accounts/password.

Both software uses very high encryption. Check it out.

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