Saturday, March 29, 2008

ASP.Net behavior in IIS

A friend of mine highlighted this article to me:

Even though the article referred to Framework 1.1 but it looks like it is still applicable for Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5.

Some of my key take aways from the article are:

  1. When deploying an application, it is critical to remember to change the debug to false.
  2. Frequent changes on the aspx files will also generate additional files which will only be removed when the application is restarted or the web.config is edited.
  3. Too many aspx files in a folder will incur high start up time, since compilation happens to many files even though only one is accessed.
<compilation debug="false" />
There are a lot more information there and I believe is critical for developers too.

Side Note

On the server (hosting your application), you should always configure your antivirus not to scan your web.config, global.asax and global.asa. From my experience:
  • the act of the antivirus scanning will cause IIS to detect those as changes to those files and will force a restart on the applications.
  • And the very act of accessing any of those pages, will cause the antivirus to scan those files.
Consequently, you may end up with an application that will only allow one person to access the application.

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