Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog Utilities

When I first started this blog. The first thing I started to do was to find a good site to host the blog for free. There was a few available but I found blogger to be the one with the most lenient, which is why I chose it.

Then I started placing images but found that Google placed a 1 Gbyte limit. Then after discussing with colleagues of mine, I was told that there is a lot of things that can be done with the blog.

You can at chats into your blog using cbox, see the side of this blog. Then you can also keep track of your blog statistics using tools from this site. It is also nice to see where your visitors are coming from using tools from this site. Another site providing live feed of the traffic into your blog is here.

Finally, there are a lot of widgets you can add to your blog, which has been collected here.

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Strovek said...

Looks like metasquad blog has been deleted so the collection for the widgets referred in this article is no longer available. Found another collection here.