Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Useful links to solve some oracle Issues

This post is here to make it easier for me to search some of the common problems I faced when programming with Oracle.

The following are some useful links to resolve some Oracle programming issues:

  1. Oracle OleDb Provider for .Net and Stored Procedures and Ref Cursors
  2. Oracle Not FoundThis same issue is also documented in Metalink article 215255.1 which basically affects Oracle 9i R2 and above installation to NTFS. It has to do with the rights to the Oracle folder.
Some useful sites for Oracle programming tips are:
  1. Oracle Tips of the Week from Akadia
  2. OraFAQ
  3. Burlenson Consulting Website
  4. Eight ways to Hack Oracle
  5. Oracle Java and stored procedures
  6. Accessing Oracle 9i stored procedures using ADO.Net
  7. Writing Timezone aware code in Oracle

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